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Henderson, NV


How do I even begin to describe what it's like to be affected by a drunk driver? How do I tell you how it feels to get woken up in the middle of the night with a phone call to tell you that your brother and niece have been killed by a drunk driver?  How do I describe the feeling of my nerves as I rode up the hospital elevator at 4 in the morning? How do I describe the pit in my stomach as I see my sister-in-law lying in a coma? How do I explain the feeling of anguish as I entered the home of the deceased and injured to gather records for the hospital and funeral home?

"My hope is that no one has to know any of these feelings for themselves."

How do I count the number of phone calls, texts, voice messages, letters, flowers and visitors that came when all our friends and family heard about the crash? What should I say about the amount of tears that flowed for several days following? How do I put into words the difficult decision we had to make to have a funeral for two people, not knowing if we'd have to have another one shortly after? Should I chronicle the days and weeks that seemed to drag on as we watched and waited for our dear sister-in-law to recover? Could I expound on the feelings I had for the person who did this to our family? Do I tell you how much I still miss Shawn and Sage?

Of course I can explain, detail out, describe, recount, and expound on it all. My hope is that no one has to know any of these feelings for themselves.

Please don't drink and drive. 

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