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 Kyanne's Corner Project 


Goals & Schedule

Our goal is to raise $80,000 to construct a statue memorial of Kyanne Guest on the corner of Roosevelt and Midland in Nampa, ID, to serve as a reminder to drive safely to protect all the children in our community and to ensure that Kyanne is never forgotten. 

  Jan-Mar 2023  

-Met with Councilman Victor Rodriquez

-Presented to Nampa City Council and Mayor Kling

- Met with Chevron/Extra Mile & Green Edge Lawn & Landscape

-Attained approval of PSA

  Apr-June 2023  

-Met with Republic Services

-Secured sculpture artist Benjamin Victor

-Film and produce the first PSA

-On site meeting with City of Nampa officials and Chevron / Extra Mle

  Jan-Mar 2024  

-Secured local non-profit Be Safe & Sober to facilitate donations

-Get approval from Chevron/Extra Mile to begin landscape work

-Raise $20 K

  Apr-May 2024  

-Break ground on landscape renovation

-Raise $20K

  June 2024  

-Raise $20K

  July 2024  

-Raise $20K

  August 2024  

-Raise $20 K

-Commission the sculpture artist to begin work

  Summer 2025  

-Complete construction on Kyanne's Corner

-Celebrate with a statue unveiling for the community

They hope that those who see her corner, will remember Kyanne's bright but short life, and that her death will remind everyone to be safer and drive with more care to prevent tragedies like this in the future.


How it started...

"Our names are Chrissy Whitworth and Kelli Rich. Living in Nampa for over twenty years, we have seen our children grow up in the neighborhood, playing and riding their bicycles. Like the community, we were deeply saddened by Kyanne's tragic passing. Despite Nampa's rapid growth, this event highlighted the town's close-knit nature. Although we didn't know Kyanne's family personally, the community came together to mourn a loss that could have happened to anyone. Our children are all interconnected through neighborhoods, schools, and activities, so Kyanne's passing made us all pause, reflect, and find ways to support her family through prayer, donations, and messages. The community spirit of Nampa shone through as everyone rallied around the grieving family.


Our aim is to erect a statue of Kyanne and a small sign at the corner of Roosevelt and Midland, in the flower bed on Jackson's property. This lasting memorial will symbolize the value of Nampa's children and serve as a positive reminder to keep them and their safety in mind during our busy days."


Four-year-old Kyanne Jo Guest was struck and killed in the crosswalk of a busy street in Nampa, Idaho on December 1, 2020. This horrific accident traumatized her family and friends, and the Treasure Valley community, and left us all with a Kyanne-shaped hole in our hearts. 

Since the tragedy, Kyanne's family, friends, and community have been decorating the corner of Roosevelt and Midland where Kyanne lost her life. Kyanne's Corner Project aims to raise funds to build a permanent and beautiful statue and garden memorial to Kyanne for all of us.

What's the story...

Pastel Gradient

Meet the Team of Kyanne's Corner


Chrissy Whitworth

Chrissy Whitworth is an advocate and champion for Kyanne's Corner. She connected Kyanne's Corner with Be Safe & Sober, making this project a possibility. Her passionate work has fostered community support and will leave a lasting impact. Chrissy is a native Idahoan, and a BSU graduate. She has been married 21 years and is a mother of 3 children. 


Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez, Nampa Idaho City Councilman, is dedicated to serving the community. With passion and commitment, he advocates for progress and represents the voices of Nampa residents. With 40 years of experience as a police officer, he brings invaluable insight to public safety issues.



Kelli Rich, a dedicated educator in Nampa, Idaho who ignites a love for learning in her students. With passion and innovation, she cultivates a nurturing environment for growth, shaping the minds of tomorrow with dedicated care and excellence. She has lived in Nampa for 20 years.



Kyla is Kyanne's mom. She loves photography and runs a photography business. Her family and children are her world. Kyanne's Corner symbolizes not only Kyanne, but all of our community's children and the need to drive safer, and hopes no one will ever have to experience the pain of losing a child through this kind of tragedy.



Benjamin Victor, a celebrated sculptor from Wisconsin, creates captivating works that span historical to contemporary themes. Committed to philanthropy, he champions aspiring artists and advocates for social change, leaving an enduring legacy of excellence realized in his stunning sculptures.

A Special Thanks


Mayor Kling

Mayor Kling of Nampa, ID who has been a major influence on the Kyanne's Corner Project and the safety initiative called Remember Our Children.

Remember Our Children initiative in Nampa, Idaho
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