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Meridian, ID


Hailey Marti Frogley

I have been thinking about the accident and have tried to articulate my thoughts for this impact statement for some time.  I have come to the conclusion that there have been good and bad consequences that have come from the crash on February 27, 2003.

One of the bad consequences was the fact that Natalie Marti has to live on earth now without her loving husband and adorable daughter.  I have to live without my brother, my daughter has to live without her uncle, and his other family members and friends have to live without him while here still on earth.

Another bad consequence is that Edgar lost his hand in the accident and that will be a constant reminder of a bad choice he made.  Edgar's family and children also have to live with the guilt along with the time that he has already spent, and most likely more time, he will spend in jail.  The worst consequence is the fact that the crash cannot erase itself and take away the pain that all the affected people feel.

"The worst consequence is the fact that the crash cannot erase itself and take away the pain that all the affected people feel."

The positive consequences I have felt are a closer immediate family relationship and a relaization of how much I truly loved my brother.  The realization of love did not stop wiht myself but rather an excitingly huge network of people that knew Shawn in some way.  I have had the opportunity to feel his love even though he is not presently here.  My family and I have also been touched with all the wonderful stories of how Shawn and Sage have impacted their lives.  Stories like how Shawn loved everyone, including that Shawn would even dance with the fat girls, how he had an impact on children, how one three year old claims that he is "his Shawn", and how he helped so many individuals through trying times.  He was and still is an amazing individual.  Sage, being so young, and touched our lives for a short time but we will be able to experience being with her again some day.  Others and myself are also blessed with the countless number of pictures and memorable videos of Shawn and Sage to remind us of how they looked, laughed, and acted.

I know Shawn, Sage, and Heavenly Father hear Edgar's plea for forgiveness and they do already forgive him.  I forgive him.  Let the remaining consequences be fair, and now let this heavy burden be light.

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