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Denver, CO


Hailey Marti Frogley

I wrote this letter to Sage on her first birthday.


Dear Sagers,

I will never forget the morning that your daddy called me and told me that you were finally born.  I felt very priveledged because I was the first one that your parents called.  Your daddy held the phone up to you while I said hello and you even talked back-well... cried back!  But we both know that you were really telling me how much you love me and that I am your favorite aunt!  

The first time I saw you I instantly fell in love with your adorable little self!  Your cute little feet and soft cheeks found a permanent home in my heart.  I loved to hold you and cuddle you whenever I could get the chance.

Your birthday (September 18th) is a special day for me and perhaps that is why I feel so bonded with you.  It is the day when two significant people have come into my life.  I know that you had an angel with you during your short time here on earth and now know that you are one for me.  You are my angel and my motivation.  It is humbling to call myself your aunt and I hope that one day I can live well enough to be with you again.  

My heart often pulls out a picture of you smiling and giggling-I will forever remember you Sage!

Love Always

Aunt Gina

"My heart often pulls out a picture of you smiling and giggling-I will forever remember you Sage."

My family was thrilled to have Shawn as the newest member of our family.  He brought a different kind of spice with him-he jazzed things up I guess you could say.  Shawn's famous saying around our house was, "What?  You think it and I just say it!"  One of my Mom's favorite things about Shawn was when he would come over and play our piano.  It is not like she never hears that thing being played, but Shawn played it different.  When he played, he put his soul into the music and my mom loved to sit in the room with him and just listen.  I was always so amazed by this talent of his.  He could just sit down and play, making it up as he went-something I could never do.  Having Shawn in our family was such a blessing and so much fun.  Shawn taught me so much.  Things from singing, playing the piano, break dancing, cool new words, and how to be grateful for life!  He always had a listening ear.  Even if he was really busy, I knew that he would have put anything aside for me if I needed to talk.  I love the guy so much and am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to have such a great man in my life and in the life of my beautiful sister. 

The events that transpired on Feb 27th have forever changed my life.  I loved Shawn and Sage with all my heart and will forever remember them.  I will also forever remember the way my sister loved and still loves Shawn and Sage.  She was the best wife and mommy.  When I look at her I can't help but feel pain.  I am sad that she is sad.  Although she is so brave and optimistic, I know that she wishes things could be different as do I.  I will also never forget that the cause of this sadness and pain is because of alcohol.  I wish that there was something I could do to make people realize the effects of their bad choices.  I hope that we all will learn from this tragedy to think before we act.  

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